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New Products for Sale: Electro-spun polyimide membrane filter media, 1 micron and 3 micron pore sizes. Portable PFAS-removal water treatment products.  


                       Critical Materials

Rare earth metals and oxides are produced from recycling. Nd, Sm, Dy, Pr, Y, Yb, La and Ce are available for sale.

Funded by U.S. DOE SBIR Phase 2.

The technology also applies to Co, Ni, Mn and noble metals (Ru, Ph, Pd, Pt) recovery.

Electric Car

                 Catalyst Manufacturing


Our single-atom catalyst preparation technology revolutionize catalyst manufacturing industry. Custom-made catalysts are available for sale.

Funded by U.S. DOE.


                                PFAS-Removal Products

PFAS-Selective Membrane/Mat,

Sorbents, filters, undercounter filters.


Partially sponsored by U.S. EPA.


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