Polykala Technologies, LLC

Mission: Develop Novel Materials and Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Products - 1) Nanofibers Membrane for Selective PFAS Removal from Landfill Leachate

We received the EPA 2020 SBIR Phase II award to further develop this technology. The membrane/mats we developed can remove 96.2% of PFAS in water per pass. 

A prototype is developed. "PFAS Shield" is our trademark.

2) Electrospun polyimide membrane

3) Rare Earth Metals Recycling and Recovery 

This is sponsored by Department of Energy.

4) Sorbent Materials for Mining and Heavy Metals Removal

5) Sorbent Materials for PFAS Removal and Wastewater Treatment

6) Technical Services 

a) Catalyst Custom Synthesis and Development;

b) Biomass Utilization;

c) Ultra-fine Particulates Separation from Liquid;

d) Recyclable 3-D Printing Polymers from Renewable Sources;

e) Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity Coatings by MOCVD;

f) High temperature high pressure reactions studies.

7) Other R&D Services - Consulting; Lab Evaluation; Custom Materials Preparation; Carbon Tax; Emissions Offset; Economic Analysis.

PFAS-Selective Membrane/Mat