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Products & Services

Nanofibers and sorbents
for PFAS Removal

Products - Portable filters, under-sink filters, skid-mounted membrane filters. Electro-spun polyimide membranes with different pore sizes from 1 micron to 3 micron.

REE metals recycling
from electric motors and waste

Products: REE metals and oxides, including Nd, Sm, Dy, Ce, La, Y, Yb.

Catalyst manufacturing and testing

Other critical metals recovery

Products - Catalyst pelletizing, custom manufacturing and pilot scale testing.

Products - noble metals (Ru, Rh, Ir, Pd, Pt, Au) and Ni, Co, Mn.

R&D Services

  • Process development for chemical industries

  • Pilot plant testing

  • High pressure hydrogenation 

  • ​Organic synthesis 

  • Sorbents and materials development 

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis

  • ​LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) Services 

  • Mass and Energy Balance

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